Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Aside from RORS, I have a separate entry on my own (with the help of Athalia-chan). SpongeDrop is an obvious parody to Spongebob Squarepants, which tells a story of a Drop (a variation of Poring) and his friends, which are also based on Ragnarok Online monsters.

Unluckily, we lost. And I didn't have a chance to watch it on Level Up Live T__T
But still, I am happy to hear that the reception to our entry is good.

Anyway, here is our entry.

Friday, November 5, 2010

ROLS 2: Ragnarok Online RoK Story

Catch our entry for the 2010 Level Up! Live National Filmfest on November 6, 2010, at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.
The story is about a certain guild, amidst their daily private life, find their way to unite as one again.

The production began as early as Summer 2010, and we began to create the framework for our story. The team is composed of several Ragnaboards members and Ragnarok players, which volunteered to help us out in this project. It was shot at different locations, including QC Memorial Circle, SM North Edsa, Hotel La Corona, and Mineski Grounds.

The film is divided into several parts. Note that the titles for the parts are just made up by me. And this post contains spoilers.

The Intro:
The movie starts with a certain GM of a guild being called on the phone by his rival. The GM is being mocked by his rival and is obliged to surrender his account when he is defeated in another battle. The GM's only hope is his former guildmates.

The Torpe's Love Story (Action-Comedy Love Story):
A guy, with the help of a friend, tries to court his crush. Being too torpe, he failed on his attempt. While walking, they saw a snatcher who grabs the bag of the girl. Of course, Mr. Torpe goes to the rescue.

Basag dahil Nabasagan (Slice of Life, Comedy):
Two friends tries to upgrade their weapon to the limit, which fails. They end up in a drinking session. Sumpain ang Hari ng Do-, Hari ng Ragna.

Noob and Weak (Cheezy Love Story):
Two friends is on a date. Well, a cheezy date. >___>

The Bedscene (Horror? Action? Suspense? Thriller?):
No comment. >___>

Chixilog (Comedy):
A friend is in love with his friend. The problem, they are both guys. This scene is a crowd favorite.

The Ending:
Well, they end up meeting and playing with each other, defeating the GM's enemy.

Here is the trailer for our film.


Here is the full video of our entry. Enjoy!

Update 2: We won the 3rd place! Congrats to us! Thanks to those who supported!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The First Jobless Days

"San ka pupunta?" "May bago ka bang work?"

Those are some of the question they asked when I resigned my job. After 2 years, I felt I have to improve myself outside the company.

I may be Mr. Jobless, but that doesn't mean I will be useless. Saturday, I choose to stay home and practice my guitar. I practiced the opening riff of "Green-Tinted Sixties Mind" and worked on my vibrato. Later in the afternoon, while my father is sleeping in my room, I decided to study Blender, a 3D modeling software. After some tutorials, I made my first scene in less than a day.

A simple winter scene
(I made the flag and the hat on day 2)

Today, I made two different models (By experimenting on different functions of the software).

A simple octopus
(the four other tentacles are at the back -__-)

A mouthless Poring
(had a trouble making the mouth)

I can't believe I made these in less than two days. I am very happy about my newfound skill. I just wish I had a faster PC for fast renderings of the models.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tanya Markova

Tanya Markova, is another OPM band on the rise. Yeah, whatever.

Seriously, when I bought this album, I really don't know who the hell is Tanya Markova except for their song "Picture Picture", which, I don't really like the first time I heard it. I didn't even know about that the latest single of the band is entitled "Disney".

Ok. I bought the album. The album design and packaging is good. Now here comes the important part, the songs.

On the back of the album, there are 20 tracks to listen to. Some of them are just fillers. The first track is just a cool intro, which is about an intro of a fictional radio station called "665.9 Radio Inferno". Then the next track is a rock track entitled "M.I.M." Quite a surprise because the sound is heavier than their single. Next is the mellow song "Disney" followed by "Picture Picture". Listening through the whole album, I conclude that this band's genre is experimental/fusion. You can see traces of ballad, rock, punk and metal. My personal favorite is "Linda Blair", which is a song about a child who is possessed by an evil spirit similar to the excorcist. Well, that track is more of cute than scary.

Overall, I really liked the album. Not because of the musicality, but because the songs are fun.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hale No More

Ok, this is not really new anymore.

Wandering redkinoko's blog, I stumbled upon one of his older post, Hale finally disbanded. Champ, the band's vocalist, want to go solo and wants to be an actor. Surprising? I dunno. Not really shocked to know this.

Oh well, I've been a fan. I even have an autographed CD of their first album. I enjoyed it.

So goodbye Hale. It will be a long wait for us to find another Pogi Band.

Now when will Cueshe disband? >.>

Unexpected Tip: Watch what's falling on your umbrella

Ok, here's what happened. I'm starting to fold up my umbrella, now dry from this morning's rain. Then suddenly I noticed, two small, dried-up sticky substance. I tried to remove it but I can't. (pics later)

Flashback. Last night, about past 6:30 PM, I went out of our office to find the street flooded with the water because of the heavy rain. At that time, the rain is getting weak and we then took an alternate route so we can go home as early as we can. Then, while on the way, I felt something had bumped into my umbrella. My officemate then exclaimed "Ingat kayo, may wire!" I, felt nothing bad, just walked and gone home after about 2 hours.

Back to reality. I was like, fuck. I could have been toasted literally. Luckily, I see that my umbrella's frame is not entirely made of metal, it has a strong plastic type material.

So the lesson is, watch those stray live wires.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mystery of 2204355

So what is 2204355?

1. Go to GOOGLE.

2. Type in 2204355

3. Click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button

If you think this is a virus or a scary prank, you are wrong.

I'm telling you, you will look similar to this guy when you see it.